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EZ Peel Logistics Solutions & EZ Peel Products Group

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EZ Peel Logistics Solutions & EZ Peel Products Group
EZ Peel Logistics Solutions & EZ Peel Products Group
United States
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Name:Ms. Ginny Orillion
Instant Messaging:
Windows Live: ezpeel@live.com ezpeel@live.com
Skype: ginny.orillion
Google Talk:  ezpeelasphalt@gmail.com  ezpeelasphalt@gmail.com
Phone Number:+ 66-867050903
Address:5288 Greenleaf Drive NW.,
Lilburn, GA. 30047 30047, Georgia
United States
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Registration Date:Mar. 15, 2011
Last Updated:Aug. 27, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Energy category

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We are manufacturer and trader. We import petroleum products. We manufacture and supply bitumen packaging units and all FIBCs especially for bitumen packaging. Please contact us for any further technical information, price list, and catalogues.

Ginny Orillion
EZ Peel Products Group
ezpeelasphaltbag@ gmail.com
Phone: + 66-867-050-903

http: / / ezpeelbitumenbags.bloombiz.com
http: / / ezpeel.bloombiz.com
http: / / ezpeelasphaltbag. bloombiz.com
http: / / ezpeelfillingunit.bloombiz.com

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